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As a representative enterprise of China's construction machinery industry invited to participate in the B20 summit, Wangmin, chairman of XCMG, said in an interview that "the hard power available is the ticket to the B20 summit"

Wang Min said frankly: The world economy has a strong driving force. After listening to this, I feel very confident. "

welcome to call for consultation. Wang Min said, "China's construction machinery has become one of the most important components in the world, and its development momentum is also very good. We have been working hard to obtain the share we should get in the global market and introduce our green, environmental friendly and high-tech products to global users." Not only that, "in participating in the competition of world construction machinery, we actively participated in the drafting of many international technical standards under the careful protection of the platform, one entrepreneurial seedling rooted in high-molecular new material soil will eventually grow into a towering tree"

when talking about the "the Belt and Road" strategy mentioned by President Xi, Wang Min said that there are many infrastructure projects in the "the Belt and Road". For XCMG, it is to go out with our central enterprises and jointly serve the national infrastructure construction along the "the Belt and Road". XCMG has benefited a lot from this. Including our joint venture with Uzbekistan's Railway Corporation in Uzbekistan, which soon became profitable. Therefore, XCMG should not only go out with central enterprises, but also cooperate with local enterprises to carry out some projects, which is what XCMG is doing now

promoting the ratification and implementation of trade facilitation agreements and improving the global investment policy environment have become the consensus of many participants in this new module, which is about 20% lighter than the previous one, and have been written into this year's B20 policy recommendations report. In addition, innovative growth mode is also the key topic of this year's Hangzhou summit. In Wang Min's view, innovation is crucial to the equipment manufacturing industry: "as an equipment manufacturing industry, we are confident that we will unswervingly follow this path of excellence, strength and expansion, rather than just making efforts to occupy resources. We should give it impetus in innovation and vitality in reform. I think this is the way out for China's equipment manufacturing industry."

in the face of the problem that enterprises want to avoid or change the problem that they are big but not strong and big but not excellent, Wang Min said that they must also make great efforts in the supply side structural reform and take the road of transformation and upgrading. "Transformation and upgrading is the only way for XCMG. This year, we put forward the emerging concept of internationalization, lean, short board and sustainability. Where is the short board? The short board lies in the middle and high-end brands, the short board lies in high and new technologies, the short board lies in the layout of the international market, and the short board lies in the operation of the post market. Centering on these short boards, XCMG has carried out the reform of its business system, so that from the first half of this year to August, XCMG The sales revenue is rising. "

although the industry is in a downturn, Wang Min is full of confidence in the future development of the enterprise. "If we firmly follow these paths and make up for these shortcomings, XCMG will embark on a real path of transformation and upgrading. I have seen the bright future and increased confidence. Therefore, we want to make XCMG's overseas revenue reach 50% in the next three to five years, compared with about 30% now."

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