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XCMG will release a new E-Series rotary drilling rig in 2017

XCMG will release a new E-Series rotary drilling rig in 2017

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with the rapid development of China's construction machinery in the golden decade, XCMG has introduced the rotary drilling rig technology to China. In 2002, XCMG rotary drilling rig competed with a foreign brand rotary drilling rig at the construction site of Qinghai Tibet railway, which made a great contribution to the pile foundation construction machinery in China. In 2008, XCMG's "D series" rotary drilling rig was born, which was immediately recognized by the market by virtue of the single row rope main winch technology, the self-made special chassis technology of rotary drilling rig and the efficient construction efficiency. After years of continuous accumulation, "D series" rotary drilling rigs have been polished and glittered in the continuous technical difficulties of workers Xu. They are already an invincible treasure in the market, and once again firmly occupy the peak of domestic rotary drilling rigs

XCMG rotary drilling rig

nowadays, XCMG rotary drilling rig is breaking records one after another. For example, the largest tonnage self-made chassis rotary drilling rig xr460d exported in China is sold to Cambodia, and the world's largest tonnage self-made chassis rotary drilling rig xr550d shows the strength of a large country and its market share ranks first...

Xu Yu is the operating procedure of the spring testing machine, and the pace of innovation never stops, Thanks to the continuous efforts of worker Xu, the new e series is being launched one after another and will be released in 2017. Please look forward to it

good workers do not show their honesty -- market response of XCMG's first E-Series rotary drilling rig

xr400e rotary drilling rig is the first E-Series rotary drilling rig manufactured and sold by XCMG. The product is designed to be the top European rotary drilling rig brand, and has been ordered by loyal customers of XCMG foundation before it is offline

the first construction site where the equipment is stationed is in Yiwu, Zhejiang Province. There is also a xr360 rotary drilling rig, a crown pin product of XCMG foundation, and another brand of large tonnage equipment in the same industry

XCMG xr400e rotary drilling rig

considering that this product is a newly developed new product, XCMG foundation specially arranged two service personnel to escort the equipment. However, the service personnel stayed at the construction site for three months. Apart from the daily maintenance, they had no place to play, because there was no fault with the equipment

at first, the user, Mr. Yan, was somewhat worried, because new products often meant that a lot of service energy and technical improvement were required. The performance of XCMG xr400e rotary drilling rig made Mr. Yan feel relieved. "Our 400e is really good. I never thought that this tonnage car could work so flexibly and stably without any problems. I always thought XCMG xr360 was the fastest construction equipment in the market, but this one was much faster than xr360!" Mr. Yan happily told the sales staff of XCMG foundation

after the construction in Yiwu, Zhejiang Province, the 400e arrived at the construction site of Liangwang Road, Chenggong ninth Bureau of China Railway, Kunming. This section of stratum is very complex. Previously, four construction teams came to construct and exited in addition to leading product and technology exhibition. When xr400e entered the site, several large tonnage equipment of other brands were under construction, but the situation was not ideal: the progress was slow and the equipment failure rate was high. Two weeks after xr400e entered the site for construction, the product was highly praised by the whole project department. The on-site leader even made a decision: stop other equipment and leave XCMG's xr400e rotary drilling rig for construction

with word-of-mouth in the industry, XCMG xr400e has become increasingly well-known in the Yunnan market. The "e" in the model has also become a synonym for "outstanding". Later, XCMG foundation Kunming Office held a special xr370e on-site promotion meeting to realize sales on the spot

"good workers don't show people how to be honest about the steel bar zigzag testing machine". The success of xr400e product stems from XCMG's nearly 20 years of experience in manufacturing rotary drilling rigs, the strict control of product quality, the unity of the top and bottom, and the establishment of industry-leading technology products. (5) hydraulic system is the diligent pursuit of the electro-hydraulic proportional servo system with the electro-hydraulic proportional valve as the core. We also have reason to believe that the unremitting pursuit of product performance and quality will make us always stand in the leading position in the industry and shine brightly

XCMG's new E-Series rotary drilling rig will be released

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