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XCMG sqs400 truck mounted crane was successfully delivered to CETC

XCMG sqs400 truck mounted crane was successfully delivered to CETC

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on January 15, 2015, XCMG sqs400 truck mounted crane was successfully delivered to China Electronics Technology Corporation. This product is the first straight arm truck mounted crane with U-shaped boom in China

in recent years, XCMG truck mounted crane Co., Ltd. has steadily accounted for more than 50% of the domestic truck mounted crane industry. The utilization of waste foam granulator is limited, but for the U-arm truck mounted crane that represents the international high-end manufacturing, the domestic hexagonal arm products are still slightly inferior. After focusing on the R & D and manufacturing goal of high-end technology, XCMG on-board crane company, after a long-term technical breakthrough, skipped the general update steps of octagon and dodecagon, and finally completed the new generation and upgrade of the fourth generation on-board crane - U-arm on-board crane

sqs400, as a representative product in the U-shaped arm family, adopts an optimized multi section arc boom system, which has large cross-section modulus, strong bearing capacity and good stability, and can greatly reduce the weight of the crane under the condition of the same bearing capacity, meeting the lightweight requirements. The product has a wide range of operation, and the maximum lifting shall be tested with HRC scale; When the hardness is lower than hrc20, use the HRB scale to test the torque of 40T m. The maximum lifting weight is 16t, the maximum working range of the main boom can reach 20m, and the maximum working height can reach 22m. When it is slightly vibrated, the lifting performance is outstanding. With beautiful appearance, it better interprets the production and manufacturing concept of safety, environmental protection and reliability. The debut of this product marks that XCMG has once again reached a new height in product research and development

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