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Double typhoons are coming fiercely, and they are heading for Guangdong! The Central Meteorological Observatory continued to issue a blue typhoon warning at 6:00 today

Guangdong starts level III emergency response

some trains of Guangzhou railway are out of service

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Typhoon No. 23 "Berika"

is sweeping the coastal waters of Guangdong from east to West

may directly attack Leizhou Peninsula in western Guangdong on the 13th

Typhoon No. 23 this year " Berica " The (tropical storm level) center is located on the sea about 630 kilometers to the east of Leizhou Peninsula. It is expected to move to the west at the speed of 10-15 kilometers per hour, and the intensity is gradually strengthening. It has landed in the coastal area between Dianbai and Hainan Qionghai during the day of the 13th

although "berica" is small

it is powerful

the process of moving westward is very close to the coastal cities and counties of Guangdong

the impact of wind and rain on the coastal cities and counties of Guangdong and the sea is more obvious

at the same time, the super typhoon "mangosteen"

No. 22 is also rapidly approaching the coastal areas of Guangdong

in addition, the super typhoon "mangosteen" is currently moving rapidly westward, and its intensity continues to strengthen. It is expected to enter the northern waters of the South China Sea on the evening of the 15th, It will land on the central coast of Guangdong with a super typhoon from the afternoon to night on the 16th, which will bring severe storms and rain

according to various numerical prediction models reported from 20:00 on the 10th,

"mangosteen" has a high probability of tending to Guangdong

will bring a large-scale storm weather to our province from the 16th to the 17th

and may become the strongest typhoon landing in China this year

however, because the prediction time limit is too long

there are still variables in the future ~

according to Chinese Meteorological enthusiasts

the maximum wind force of mangosteen has exceeded Feiyan

what is the concept of exceeding "Feiyan"

look at "Feiyan", the strongest typhoon that hit Japan since 1993 a few years ago

sweep Japan

that horrible scene

the exterior wall of the house was overturned

most of the doors and windows were blown away and fell

are the doors and windows of your house OK

a big storm is coming,

any weather disaster is unexpected,

so we should take precautions,

don't take it lightly

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use scientific and rigorous process design,

products have good air and water tightness,

let your home become a real safe haven





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