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On August 30, the "lock" Zhiju security in the cloud - 2018 Zhihui cloud lock security summit forum hosted by the national intelligent Standard Committee of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development was held at Shenzhen dengxi Road International Hotel

Zhongshan Yangge lock industry Co., Ltd. was invited to attend the meeting, and Zhou Lixin, general manager of Yangge, attended the meeting

at the meeting, young was awarded the participation unit of "intelligent door lock security in the application of digital technology in buildings and residential areas" (guidelines)

At the meeting of Zhou Lixin, the fourth general manager of Yangge lock industry from the right, Zhang Yonggang, vice chairman of the national intelligent Standard Committee, stressed that: at present, in the field of housing construction, the door lock industry pays more attention to the security of information. This guideline is a general technical requirement for the security of intelligent door locks. In the future, there will be control requirements, platform requirements and product testing related requirements. We will build an industry standard system and formulate a series of standards related to door locks

industry experts, associations and alliances, colleges and universities, testing institutions, intelligent door lock manufacturers and enterprises, chip manufacturers, system integrators, etc. in the field of smart door locks have made in-depth analysis, wonderful interpretation, and heart-to-heart exchanges around hot issues such as cloud lock platform construction, door lock detection, chip security, Internet of things ecology, and jointly presented an all-round feast for the industry

in view of the security problem of intelligent door lock information in the market, the national intelligent Standard Committee launched the compilation of the "Application of intelligent door lock security technology in digital technology in buildings and residential areas" (guidelines) in conjunction with the intelligent door lock industry ecological chain this year, which stipulates the key system, security algorithm, data storage, instruction interaction, security process, etc. Provide standard guidelines for smart door lock manufacturers to better serve front-line enterprises

Zhou Lixin, the first general manager of Yange lock industry from the right

as a basic intelligent device in the field of housing and construction, intelligent door locks are widely used in residential families, rental apartments and intelligent buildings. As the last line of defense for family security, they are related to the life safety and property safety of users

young, who has been focusing on the intelligent door lock industry for 18 years, has developed into a high-tech enterprise focusing on the world's more secure IOT door locks and system solutions

young always adheres to people-oriented, and undertakes the mission of the era of smart home. At the same time, it is committed to building a safe, industry-leading and unique IOT smart home ecosystem




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