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the day before yesterday, a friend studying in Germany said that she had a very good relationship with her mother since childhood. Although her mother is usually busy at work, she takes time to call her every day to find out about her life and whether she is happy

one night, she stayed up late to write her paper, so she slept at home for a long time and didn't wake up at noon the next day. Suddenly her mother called her, and she was woken up by the familiar bell full of love. It turned out that her mother had just read the weather forecast and knew that Paris would have heavy rain. She immediately told her to close the doors and windows. At this time, she was very moved. Although her mother was not by her side, she had been paying attention to her city. No matter how busy her mother was, she didn't want to miss all kinds of information about her

in fact, she didn't close the window. She opened the window inward and inverted it. According to the wind direction and the direction of the house at that time, the rain couldn't get in at all. I believe many friends who have been to Europe to travel or study abroad will find that the application of internal windows is very wide, which is completely the "standard configuration" in Europe. The vast majority of residential houses, private houses, villas, and hotels like to use internal windows, especially in Germany. In the movies and TV we usually watch, it is also very obvious that Germans use inward opening and inward inverted windows. For example, we often see such decorations

it is not difficult for us to find that owners like to decorate their windowsills with some green plants. So the problem is, isn't he afraid to push the green plants away when he opens the window

for example, the same outdoor windowsill is decorated with flowers of different sizes and colors. Do you have a doubt in your heart that Germans don't like opening windows? The answer, of course, is: it doesn't exist! Because their windows are internally opened and internally inverted, they will not open inward or outward at all, so such a design will naturally not affect the little guys

so what are the advantages of using inward opening and inward inverted windows

1. Optimize ventilation performance

when the window is inverted, the room can be naturally ventilated normally. Even if the wind is strong, the inverted state of the window completely makes the exchange of indoor and outdoor air smooth, comfortable and soft. The most important thing is that the air entering the room from the window will not directly blow into the human body, especially when the indoor and outdoor temperature is high, which can greatly reduce the risk of cold and fever

2. Improve safety performance

compared with flat open or sliding windows, windows must be open for ventilation, which is easy to lead wolves into the house. The interior window is different. The thief can't enter the room through the air outlet. Even if you go to work during the day and there is no one at home, you can maintain indoor ventilation and safety

3. Dust and rain resistance

when the window is set in the inverted state, the air flow into the room will be blocked by the glass first, and the heavier dust particles in the air will naturally be blocked outside. When it rains, because the rain falls from top to bottom and has gravitational acceleration, even if it is offset by the wind direction, it will be blocked outside by the glass. So the owners don't have to worry about the rain when there is no one at home

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