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1. Delivery cost of first-hand house

don't just prepare the purchase price for buying a house. Another fund is also needed. What are the costs of first-hand house delivery? In addition to deed tax, there are also fees charged by developers and properties

I Deed tax: non ordinary houses will be levied at the standard of 4%, while ordinary houses will be levied at the standard of 1.5%. The first time an individual purchases an ordinary house of 90 square meters or less, the contract will be levied at the standard of 1%. The specific situation also needs to be treated specifically, that is, the property buyers must pay the deed tax according to the specific charging standards of each city

II Housing maintenance fund: this cost is not included in the housing sales revenue and is jointly owned by all owners. The buyer must pay the maintenance fund to the selling unit according to the proportion of 2% to 3% of the purchase price

III Housing property right registration fee: the time for this fee to be charged is variable. Some fees are charged when the developer applies for the housing property right certificate. The charging standard is 80 yuan for each residential unit and 550 yuan for each non residential unit

IV Developers charge fees: the previous fees are mandatory. In addition, developers will also require buyers to pay other fees, such as area difference, decoration change fees and parking space fees

v Property charges: in addition to the developer will charge additional fees to the first-hand house buyers, the property also has related fees to pay. Property management fee, heating fee, flashlight revolving fund or deposit, parking fee, etc., are all fees that need to be paid to the property

VI Decoration charges: in addition to the above fees, decoration also needs to be charged, because buyers will have some joint and several behaviors during the decoration of first-hand houses, including garbage in the decoration process. This fee needs to be paid. Decoration charges include decoration deposit (refundable), decoration management fee and garbage consumption fee

2 precautions for first-hand house delivery

what are the precautions for first-hand house delivery? As follows:

I All exterior finishes of the first-hand house will be decorated according to the house design documents

II The public facilities, public parts, various pipelines and electrical equipment of the first-hand house shall be completed in accordance with the design documents of the house, and in addition, necessary test items shall be carried out. The various pipelines mentioned here include water supply, drainage, rainwater, heating and heating; Electrical equipment includes distribution boxes, cabinets, panels, sockets, switches and lamps

III In order to prevent some safety problems, various pipelines in the house must be checked and accepted for water supply, pressure test, ball test and heating thermal commissioning

IV Water storage and sprinkling tests shall be carried out for the roof project of first-hand houses

v If prefabricated floors or cast-in-place slab ceilings are used in each room, the requirements of no plastering, dense slab joints and no cracks, smooth splicing, no wrong platform, flat surface, high color uniformity, and straight line corners need to be met. The concrete of the base floor also needs to meet the standards of flat surface, compaction, firm bonding and no cracks

VI If the floor of the room is required to be waterproof, it must be planned and implemented in strict accordance with the building requirements of waterproof layer and protective layer. Two water storage tests must be carried out during the acceptance of the first-hand house, and there should be no leakage

VII The floor drain and flashing slope of the first-hand house must meet the design requirements, without flashing, and the joint should be tight and smooth without leakage

VIII There are also corresponding requirements for the elevation of the cement ground base course of the first-hand house, and the height and size requirements when reserving and redecorating need to be considered

3 first-hand room delivery process

what is the first-hand room delivery process? It is roughly as follows:

I Receive the notice of check-in. When buying a house, the owner will sign a delivery contract with the developer, and then the notice of house receipt will be received one month before the expiration of the time. Check whether there is any error in the specific delivery time agreed above, and then deliver the house according to the time requirements

II Check the new house. Use a ruler to measure the physical area of the first-hand house and check whether the pattern is consistent with the pattern in the contract. In addition, the quality problems of the house should be carefully checked. Any small problems should not be ignored. They should be carefully recorded, and they should not be fooled by the developers




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