Young couple must see these four kinds of decorati

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Home feng shui has attracted the attention of many people. What kind of decoration will lead to love failure and lover cheating? Couples who live at home can't help but look at it ~

first, your bedroom is very slender

we say that it doesn't matter if your bedroom is generally square or slightly rectangular, but if your bedroom is quite slender, living in it is very lonely and cold, and people become lonely

second, your house is like a hole

so naturally, your attitude, speaking and getting along with your lover, will fly farther and farther. So if you encounter this situation, you should quickly find a compartment, such as separating it into a dressing room or another storage room, not such an empty one

the third kind of waist slashing ghost

in Taiwan, there is a cave, which means that all the Qi is below. After living in this kind of house for a long time, it is either dumped or dumped, but in the end, there will be something wrong

the fourth kind of broken mirror brake

a building usually has an underground parking lot below the building. Generally, the entrance and exit of the underground parking lot of cars may be at the same entrance, not just around the same house. If so, it is called the waist cutting brake, which means that your love will cut your waist





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