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Relevant enterprises should pay attention to the new regulations on the packaging of imported and exported food

according to Fujian inspection and Quarantine Bureau, in order to ensure the safety and health of imported and exported food and effectively deal with foreign technical barriers, the state will implement safety and health inspection and Quarantine on the inner packaging, sales packaging, transportation packaging and packaging materials of imported and exported food that come into contact with food or are expected to come into contact with food from August 1, Implement record keeping management for export food packaging production enterprises and food packaging importers. Raw and auxiliary materials used for processing export packaging for the first time, including printing oil and additives, shall pass the test and be filed with the inspection and quarantine authority. The enterprise code system shall be implemented for export food packaging production enterprises, and the enterprise code shall be marked on the packaging containers according to the standard requirements. The scope of inspection and quarantine supervision of export food packaging includes inspection, quarantine and supervision of production and business activities such as production, processing, storage and sales of export food packaging. The packaging of exported food shall be inspected mainly according to the mandatory requirements of the technical specifications of the importing country related to safety and health; If there are no special requirements in the laws and regulations of the importing country, the inspection shall be conducted according to the mandatory requirements of China's technical specifications. The packaging of imported food shall be inspected according to the mandatory requirements of China's technical specifications. After passing the inspection and quarantine, the inspection and inspection results of entry-exit food packaging and materials shall be issued before they can be used for packaging and containing food

according to the preliminary investigation, there are 183 export food packaging enterprises under the jurisdiction of Fujian inspection and Quarantine Bureau, with a total of 27 kinds of products, including 5 categories of bags, boxes, baskets, cans, boxes, bottles, plates and bowls, and cellophane; There are two main trends in the sports shoe Market: the demand for lightweight, comfortable and durable shoes increases; More attention has been paid to the automation of footwear production: paper, paperboard, OPP, PVC, PE, pet, EPS, tinplate, aluminum film, wood, etc. The imported materials that can be used for food packaging include: plastic, tinplate, aluminum film, paper, etc., as well as plastic boxes, steel drums, plastic bags, plastic boxes, glass bottles and other packaging products. Major importing countries or regions: Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan

after the implementation of the above provisions, it is expected to further promote the quality of imported and exported food in the jurisdiction. First, the quality of food packaging has been further guaranteed, especially the safety and health requirements have been standardized; Second, the source management objects of food safety and hygiene packaging and packaging materials are more clear and more operable; The third is to implement inspection and quarantine in accordance with the requirements of international standards, and basically in line with relevant international standards. At the same time, it will also have a certain impact on the purchase of raw and auxiliary materials, production process control, product quality inspection and export inspection application of relevant enterprises

for this reason, the relevant person in charge of Fujian inspection and Quarantine Bureau reminded the relevant export food packaging production enterprises: first, it is necessary to timely revise the quality standard terms of the raw and auxiliary materials purchase contract and improve the warehousing inspection and control ability; Second, quality assurance system should be established for production control; Third, improve the product inspection and testing system and equip necessary testing equipment and personnel; Fourth, get familiar with the regulations on inspection and quarantine work; Fifth, the filing work shall be done in a timely manner according to the requirements of the follow-up notice. Export food enterprises should pay attention to the following matters: first, the packaging procurement contract should be revised in time to add quality standard clauses for direct contact with food packaging; Second, when purchasing packaged products, the other party needs to provide the inspection and quarantine certificate of export packaging attached to the packaged products; Third, get familiar with the inspection and quarantine work and inspection application regulations. The suppliers of imported packaging and materials shall timely complete the filing work according to the requirements of the follow-up notice, and provide the technical testing instructions of packaging and materials

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the safety and health of food packaging has been paid more and more attention. From January to October 2005, the EU notified China of 54 cases of safety and health problems of food packaging and contact materials and welcomed the distinguished Chinese guests. On july1,2005, Madeline, director general of the General Department of health and consumer protection of the European Commission, wrote a letter to our ambassador to the European Union on the safety and health of the frequently detected food contact materials exported by China to the European Union, proposing that if China did not take effective measures before the end of July, it would take further measures against such products in China. Food packaging and contact materials have become a new area for developed countries to set up technical barriers. In recent years, the European Union, the United States and Japan have formulated detailed regulations on the packaging and packaging materials that directly contact with food. For example, the U.S. federal regulations that FDA has followed for a long time have specified in detail the requirements of using an average of two lunch boxes to estimate the packaging materials and various substances used in each order for various bags in direct or indirect contact with food. The new draft "super directive on substances in contact with food" drafted by the EU in 2004 further integrates all the old regulations related to substances in contact with food in the past, making it the most important and influential new regulation on food packaging materials in the EU. (caoguoqing)

source: Xinhua

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