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In 2012, the Qingdao inspection and Quarantine Bureau of Shandong Province detected 42 batches of 2060 tons of waste materials imported by the innovation group, which were unqualified for environmental protection projects. Among them, 7 batches of waste plastics coated with metal coating exceeded the standard, weighing 236.22 tons, accounting for one sixth and one tenth respectively. For such goods, Qingdao Bureau has issued the inspection certificate and handling notice, and handed them over to the customs as the return office. We want to promote the technology

metal coatings mainly contain class II pollutants such as aluminum, copper and zinc, as well as some class I pollutants such as nickel, chromium and lead. Metal coatings are generally sprayed, electroplated, vacuum sputtered, bonded and hot pressed. At present, most of the metal coating waste plastics need to be removed by chemical methods. Most of the coating metals become corresponding metal ions and dissolve in the cleaning water, which is very easy to cause serious pollution of the water system. In particular, class I pollutants have cumulative hazards, which will cause long-term and large-scale pollution through the food chain. We have a great risk of complying with customer standards in the detection and use of the experimental machine

in this regard, the inspection and Quarantine Department reminded relevant enterprises that before signing contracts with foreign suppliers for the purchase of goods in the foaming process, the weight of plastic films and plastic products coated with metal layers should be limited to 5 ‰ of the total weight of goods in strict accordance with the environmental protection control standard for imported solid wastes that can be used as raw materials, so as to ensure the quality at the source

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