The hottest imitation shark skin automobile coatin

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Shark skin like automobile coating reduces air resistance (shark skin like automobile coating and independent calibration by pulling and pressing) materials reduce air resistance

september 26, 2005

people all know that painting on the surface of automobile can prevent rust and make your car bright and beautiful. German paint experts showed people the new functions of future automobile painting: the paint can be changed due to the color change of the dynamometer part and the main engine part. It can also reduce air resistance and help the automobile save fuel

according to the German news agency 21, the future automotive paint can change color, such as red or other bright colors in dusk or fog, making the car more eye-catching and safer to drive. The Stuttgart Institute of pigments and coatings predicts that this technology will be widely used in the automotive industry in 10 to 15 years

Peter Becker, chairman of the German paint industry federation, introduced a brand-new sandpaper like coating imitating shark skin, which can be continuously enriched and improved with the development of testing and control technology of experimental machines and the change of experimental standards. The research shows that a very smooth surface is not the best choice to remove the bundles in the air and water flow. Skin with fine particles, such as those of sharks, is actually more conducive to sliding in the water. Similarly, such skin should be more aerodynamic than smooth skin. Researchers hope to paint such "rough" surface on cars, ships and aircraft in the future to reduce drag and save fuel

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