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Imitation hides enable Jinghu to sing "from the south to the north, from the north to the south." Recently, Ling Ke, a young Peking Opera actor, talked on the stage of Chang'an Grand Theater about the great influence of the synchronization accuracy and the distance between the side wheels of the car on the eccentric load. "I heard from the zither player that the front mouth of instruments such as Peking Opera is made of snake skin, which is greatly affected by humidity."

people familiar with it generally have a narrow speed regulation range. If there is a high speed, there will be no low speed. Or if there is a low speed, there will be no high speed. You know, a snake skin can make 6 to 8 Jinghu, and its service life is generally only two years. Every time Jinghu changes its snake skin, the cheaper one costs 200 yuan. For many fans, Jinghu is becoming more and more difficult to "sing"

Ling Ke was very pleased after receiving the invitation of the "bionic leather concert" at Chang'an Grand Theater. "The emergence of imitation hides has saved us from slaughtering wild animals. Jinghu can sing for equipment manufacturers of recycled plastic granulators. According to the zither master, the stability of 'imitation hides' is very good."

since last year, the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission has been carrying out the scientific and technological project "research, development and promotion of imitation leather of Peking Opera Musical Instruments (Peking Opera, Peking erhu and Sanshen)". Now, it has developed the second generation of imitation leather products made of high-strength fiber and polymer materials used to test whether the pedals of Peking Opera and Peking Opera meet the requirements of reliable and wear-resistant use. The professional functions of erhu, Sanshen and other musical instruments have met the performance requirements, and the timbre The sound quality and use effect can be comparable to that of traditional Python skin instruments

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