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Imported methanol has become an important way of methanol demand

with the increase of methanol to olefin projects, the demand for methanol will increase greatly. It is understood that, in addition to cooperation with domestic methanol production enterprises, methanol outsourcing will become an important way for methanol demand

as of March this year, there have been five announced outsourced methanol to olefin projects in China, among which the methanol to olefin projects of Sinopec Henan Puyang and Zhejiang Ningbo Heyuan chemical are under construction. Among the plans are: Zhejiang Xingxing Xinneng lacks the source of industrialization integration mechanism, the methanol to olefin project of Jiangsu Shenghong group, and the Liaoning Dalian Fujia Dahua methanol to olefin project, which is under preparation but has passed the commodity maturity period. These projects will increase the methanol demand by 15million tons/year

zhengchunlin, consultant analyst of Asiatic chemical, said that the imported methanol mainly uses natural gas as raw material, which has the advantage of low cost. Therefore, the current import volume of 5million ~ 6million tons will be far from meeting the demand. China's methanol import will have a great impact on the methanol supply in the Middle East and Asia in the future and on the domestic industrial pattern

according to customs statistics, China imported more than 530000 tons of methanol in March, almost twice the import volume of 280000 tons in February. The integration of all production processes makes the company beneficial. Iran is the country that exports the largest amount of methanol to China. In March, it exported about 270000 tons to China

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