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The food manufacturers that have signed the Singapore packaging agreement on cost saving since July this year have gradually taken actions to reduce the materials required for product packaging from the source and do their part to reduce the amount of waste. Since August this year, bonsafe, a local company, has reduced the thickness of aluminum foil used to manufacture coffee packaging bags from 140 microns to 120 microns, which is equivalent to reducing at least 1500 kg of packaging materials per year and saving about 6000 yuan

Eric Huber, the plant manager of the company, revealed during the interview that he had started to study how to reduce the use of packaging materials long before signing the agreement. On the one hand, it is for environmental protection, on the other hand, it is also to reduce production costs. He said: I discussed with the supplier the possibility of reducing the amount of aluminum foil, hoping that after the whole package becomes lighter, it will not be fragile

if the thickness of aluminum foil is reduced by 20 microns, 6000 yuan can be saved a year.

after three tests, the supplier reduces the thickness of aluminum foil by 10 microns each time. The results show that the packaging bag with a thickness of 120 microns can withstand the test of transportation and still stand upright when it is put on the shelf

the lighter and thinner packaging materials also mean that the factory can reduce the original 170 ° C by 10 to 20 ° C when sealing the hot air for coffee, thus saving a lot of power consumption

in addition, bonsafe has also provided plastic woven bags for coffee powder ordered by major customers such as hotels, restaurants and supermarkets in the past six months to replace the previously used laminated paper bag

Heber said: the original plastic paper bags will be naturally damaged after a period of time, which can save energy and hydrogen. The printed patterns will also stick together. It is estimated that 20000 of them will be lost every year, which is equivalent to a waste of 14000 yuan. Using plastic woven bags helps to avoid creating more waste

consumer acceptance is the key

another China Food Factory Co., Ltd., which has signed an agreement, specializes in the production of frozen food. When interviewed, xunaifeng, the group managing director of the factory, said that the company has reduced the thickness of plastic packaging paper from 70 microns to 60 microns, saving 16% of plastic

Xu naifeng is also the chairman of the food and beverage industry group of the Singapore manufacturers' Federation. He disclosed that a briefing would be held for members within two months to encourage them to adopt the new packaging guidelines

he pointed out that reducing the thickness of packaging paper is the simplest measure, because manufacturers do not need to adjust the production process or purchase new molds for the production line, and it is convenient to store them. However, he believed that the most important thing is consumers' acceptance of environmentally friendly products to the greatest extent

xunaifeng said: take a package of potato chips as an example, potato chips only account for one third of the whole package, and nitrogen is injected into the rest of the space to avoid deterioration or flattening of potato chips. Now, if the packaging is narrowed down for the sake of environmental protection, some consumers may feel that businesses cut corners on work and materials and stop buying

in June this year, NEA signed the first Singapore packaging agreement with five industrial organizations, two non-governmental organizations and four public waste collectors representing 500 local companies. Under the five-year agreement, participating companies will voluntarily use recyclable packaging materials or redesign packaging to reduce waste

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