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If you can't stop the noise, shield everything! What you need is really quiet doors and windows - Zhengjin City Jingyue series! Zhengjin City Jingyue series is based on silent performance to create comprehensive performance door and window products

noise, This "invisible pollution" Harm

has become the third largest urban public hazard

people's physical and mental health suffer deeply

the roaring construction sound of the construction site outside the window

loud loudspeaker pop music in the downstairs shops

loud Hawking from the mobile stall speakers...

all are the ubiquitous noise in urban life

this has become an obsession that people can't get rid of

people always sleep with the noise at night

it's not only annoying, Poor sleep

will lead to heart disease, tinnitus and other diseases

obviously, no matter during the day and night

urban life is no longer peaceful

silence has become a "luxury" of the city

can't stop the noise,

will shield everything

what you need is a door and window that can really mute

extraordinary silence ・ quiet comfort

Zhengjin City Jingyue series

effectively insulates the volume above 35 dB

glass noise reduction

the whole series adopts tsg-1 automobile grade float tempered glass. High strength weather resistant structural adhesive seal, bending insulating glass. The glass is filled with argon to reduce air convection and heat conduction, and greatly improve the sound insulation and heat insulation performance of the window

Mercedes Benz grade sealing strip noise reduction

adopts high-quality bridge broken aluminum, and the cavity adopts Mercedes Benz grade sealing strip, so as to achieve a more comprehensive sealing effect. (it is made of EPDM rubber foam and dense composite with large elasticity, compression deformation resistance, aging resistance, ozone resistance, chemical action, temperature range (40 ° ~ + 120 °), including a unique tongue buckle, which is durable and easy to install.)

multi-layer sealing, layer by layer noise reduction

the adhesive strip adopts the "Haida" EPDM glass adhesive strip, the only listed brand in the plastic industry in China (EPDM material is oxidation-resistant, erosion resistant, smooth, elastic, matte. At the same time, it has good cold and heat resistance, excellent rebound performance to ensure long-term excellent sealing performance. It is easy to wear outside and internal pressure, and installation is more beautiful than traditional glue)

Zhengjin door and window city Jingyue series, The soundproof quality doors and windows specially developed for modern urban people create a quiet living environment, so that cleanliness will no longer become a luxury of the city

all-round performance ・ more than silence

Zhengjin City Jingyue takes silence as the premise

integrates beauty, safety and quality

Zhengjin doors and windows adheres to the product innovation spirit of "all-round performance" and puts forward seven solutions for high-performance door and window systems. Over the past 11 years, Zhengjin doors and windows have been running forward, from studying technology to create quality products that keep pace with the times to updating product design in real time to meet the constantly changing aesthetic concepts. Zhengjin City Jingyue series is based on mute performance to create comprehensive performance door and window products

European arc + flat frame design

the structural design of flat frame is adopted outside the frame fan, and the European arc design is adopted inside the frame fan, which has the effect of one body and two sides, and the shape is beautiful

multi-channel sealing

multi-channel sealant strip is used. It has good sealing performance, significant mute effect, and is not easy to deform, and has superior aging and corrosion resistance

15a hollow

15a hollow glass is a composite structure formed by using an air layer. Through two-layer glass composite, the glass is filled with argon, which blocks the air from contacting the outside world and achieves an excellent mute effect

aluminum coloring

the surface of the profile adopts the exquisite technology of electrophoretic painting, powder spraying and wood grain transfer printing. A variety of different standard colors have been developed, with full texture, clear and natural color, smooth and delicate feel


the surface of the lock is oxidized, hard and wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and the high-quality lock cylinder can withstand at least 100000 times of opening and closing





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