What are the benefits of whole house wood customiz

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What are the benefits of whole house wood customized furniture

what are the benefits of whole house wood customized furniture

the new decoration mode advocated by many decoration companies and designers - "customize furniture before decoration" solves this problem well. What are the benefits of whole house wood custom furniture? Post decoration is not to start work after buying furniture, but to set down the furniture style, color, size and price before starting work, and then let the designer carry out other designs according to your customized furniture, such as wall color, floor pattern, tile paving, etc. What are the benefits of doing this

advantages of whole house wood customized furniture:

advantages 1: it helps to accurately grasp the style

most "quasi decoration families" actually do not have much decoration experience, nor do they have formed design ideas. Many people only know some basic knowledge from newspapers, the Internet or other people's homes, and only hold the house type map when communicating with designers, which leads to designers' inability to understand your preferences well, It just continues its original design style, and some even apply the original scheme directly to the decoration

it's different to choose a designer after customizing the furniture. You can take the designer to see the customized furniture you like first, and tell him the size, so that the designer can understand your favorite style through the furniture, and integrate the product into his design, so as to unify the whole home style. The designer will also make some changes in the layout of the room according to the size of the furniture, so that there will be no painful abandonment of some furniture in order to meet the design style

advantage 2: you can design the space according to the furniture

generally, when the funds allow, everyone will hand over some small pieces of furniture such as shoe cabinets and duobaoge to the decoration company to do in order to save trouble, thinking that this will not only save time and effort, but also avoid the problem of inappropriate size of the furniture they choose. However, the furniture made by the decoration company on site pays too much attention to the use function, which can not meet the needs of consumers for fashionable home. If these furniture are ordered in advance before decoration, these troubles will be avoided, because now the house structure is more flexible, and many spaces can be opened and separated at will

advantage 3: reduce unnecessary expenses

customizing furniture first is an effective way to control decoration costs. People who have been decorated know that the final decoration style basically exceeds the original budget, because there are often some additions that cannot be prepaid in the decoration process. For example, there will be inexplicably more cabinets, which will naturally consume more labor and materials. If the construction period is prolonged, it will have to pay more money, which cannot be reflected in the initial quotation of the decoration company

after choosing the furniture, you actually spent a lot of decoration expenses, and the basic pattern has been determined. The rest is just to hand over the basic engineering to the decoration company, which will avoid many unnecessary additions. Many people spend a lot on decoration, but when they buy furniture, they find that they are short of money and can only buy some cheap furniture that does not match the decoration style. The overall feeling of home decoration is extremely incongruous

advantage 4: save time and effort.

the home market is comprehensive. You can also look at furniture when shopping for building materials. If you have appropriate ones, you can decide. First, it can let designers have goals, and second, it can reduce the number of shopping for building materials City, so as to save energy and effort. Now many consumers prefer pure imported furniture, and many pure imported furniture with special attention have a waiting period of at least one month, because it takes a certain amount of time for production and transportation. However, before the decoration, the furniture, especially the wardrobe and cloakroom, is scheduled. When the decoration is over, the customized furniture can also be delivered for installation. In this way, the time of moving can be at least half a month in advance. Why not

the old carpenter said: I will realize your creativity! The old carpenter's logs are customized in the whole house, and the cracking and deformation are compensated twice

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