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Integrated home solutions have become a hot topic and industry trend, which is why Shengda home came into being to easily open a quality life for us. Shengda household, "everyone" strength can achieve "everyone" courage

with the development of the times and the continuous progress of urbanization, people's living standards have gradually improved, and consumption habits have also changed dramatically. Traditional household consumption can no longer meet our needs to build a dream new home. We are tired of running all over the city in order to piece together the traditional shopping mode of a new home. This not only consumes a lot of time, money and energy, but also faces the troubles of uncoordinated home style, dissatisfied space utilization, uneven quality of home products, and inadequate service satisfaction. We increasingly need the shopping experience of integrated home, and integrated home solutions have become a hot topic and industry trend

what is the real "integrated home solution"? Is shopping a time-saving and labor-saving convenience? Is the style of household products harmonious? Is it a high standard of product quality? Or is shopping easy and affordable? Or is it a comfortable experience of supporting services? When we rush to large and small building materials markets and home shopping malls with the dream of a new home, we always have these questions and concerns and are difficult to choose. Shengda home furnishing came into being, which can easily open a quality life for us

Shengda home furnishing, "everyone" strength can achieve "everyone" courage. Since its establishment, Shengda forestry has determined the development strategy of "focusing on forestry and concentric diversification". With the completion of the projects of the company and Shengda Group, an integrated forestry industry production chain of "forest planting and sales", "wood-based panel manufacturing and sales", "wood flooring, wood doors, customized furniture manufacturing and sales" has been formed. The strength of the complete industrial chain has laid the foundation for the development of big home furnishings. Now it has become the leader of the "integration of forest products" business model in the domestic home furnishing industry. In eight modern production bases in Qingbaijiang, Wenjiang, Dazhou, Guangyuan, Pudong in Shanghai, Xiqing in Tianjin and other places, Shengda home furnishing focuses on the research, development and production of large home furnishing products leading the tide from the source to the finished products. In 2008, Shengda forestry was officially listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (stock code 002259). Through listing and financing, it accelerated the pace of big home strategy and demonstrated the courage of Shengda big home. On September 9, 2014, the 30th meeting of the third board of directors of Shengda forestry passed a resolution to merge business departments such as floors, doors and cabinets, and establish a home furnishing business department. So far, Shengda home furnishing has made full efforts to provide integrated home furnishing solutions for modern home furnishings from upstream resources to product research and development, and from business management to sales channels

Shengda home furnishing Co., Ltd. is innovating and leading environmental friendly and healthy high-quality home life. Shengda takes "nature is an example" as the soul of the brand, and the business philosophy of "quality is life" has laid a solid foundation for Shengda brand. From participating in and undertaking the formulation of national standards, to the application of "antibacterial invention patent technology" in household products, from the introduction of German T-type silent doors into China, to "dust-free installation patent technology" to avoid secondary pollution in home decoration, etc, Every innovation of Shengda adheres to the principle of "technology, make life more beautiful" "The original intention of Shengda home is to start from the needs of customers, focus on technological innovation, constantly launch new products and new processes, create a beautiful quality home with the pursuit of high quality, and easily start a quality life.

Shengda home is not only a quality home, but also an attitude of modern home life. When a brand's products cover most of the elements of home decoration, we don't have to worry about buying a single one Products should constantly imagine whether they conform to my home style. Shengda home is not only a quality home, but also a leader in home style. From the wooden door to the wardrobe, from the floor to wallpaper, Shengda home meets the requirements of different styles of home from home material, color, style design to personalized installation services. The integrated design maximizes the use of home space, achieves the harmony and unity of the overall home style, and easily opens a quality life. At the same time, with the change of people's home shopping psychology, we no longer stay in the pursuit of personality, but also pursue the cultural taste of home products, looking for a cultural taste lifestyle that resonates with our own spirit. "Everyone lives without permission" - after decades of brand culture accumulation, Shengda has integrated culture into Shengda home products and services, so that customers can find an emotional sense of belonging in Shengda home, and demonstrate their cultural literacy and high-quality home life attitude

Shengda home furnishing is not only an affordable and convenient one-stop shopping, but also a reassuring and comfortable service experience. "Everyone's home, the place of happiness", Shengda home from purchase to design, from installation to after-sales, convenience and ease mean reassurance and comfort. The only way to achieve all this is standardized service processes and strict implementation standards. Shengda adheres to the service concept of "all customers except me". Shengda company took the lead in implementing the standardized customer service system in the industry. Fifteen years ago, it formulated the "five heart" service enterprise standard covering the whole process of pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales, and now Shengda wooden door has the splendid chapter of "characteristic service trio". When customers enjoy the convenience of the "one-stop home" shopping experience, it is the whole Shengda home system that is at full power to bring customers the whole process of integrated standard services. All customer information, service progress and satisfaction will be timely reflected in Shengda's perfect CRM (customer resource management) system

Shengda home is the trend of home shopping. Here, you with a fast pace of life and work can experience more convenient and time-saving one-stop home shopping; You can experience high-quality household products with good value for money here; Pursuing the quality of life, you can experience the quality of home life that highlights your status here; Personalized and fashionable, you can experience more personalized household products and services here. Everyone can live without permission, rise to a big home, and easily open a quality life




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