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How to decorate a small apartment of 60-70 square meters? Modern simplicity is too ordinary and Chinese style is too expensive. Why not decorate it into the most natural and honest American rural style? The style of American countryside has both the atmosphere and elegance of American style and the simplicity and nature of pastoral style. The noble appearance is absolutely simple and clear. How can such a home environment not make people fascinated. Next, Xiaobian will present you this set of the most typical 70 square meters American rural home. Come and learn how others build their own home

Design Description: many people may think that the two bedroom area of 60-70 square meters is too small, and whether it will be too crowded to decorate in an American style. In fact, such problems can be easily solved as long as they are carefully designed and matched. Imagine that the comfortable temperature of warm sunlight continues to the bright yellow background. Do you also expect a warm and comfortable space that pays attention to complete and perfect living function planning, if you like the rural style

the shoe cabinet uses white shutters as the door, which is not only beautiful, but also breathable. The difference between the appearance of the ground tile track and the material of the shoe cabinet and drawer in the porch has shown the characteristics of the rural style through important elements

the TV wall uses simple and mild natural stones, together with the external storage plan, so that the living room has a beautiful vision and a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. A long couch is planned beside the window, with a movable coffee table, which is one of the spaces loved by the family

the straight-line glass replaces the solid wall compartment. When the sun shines, it presents bunched lines, which is more aesthetic. The white desk and stool look more concise and beautiful

retro brick decoration combined with storage cabinet, colorful colors in the white cabinet, dotted with a lively sense of design. All kinds of retro bricks are used in floors and cabinets. The modeling tiles and washing stones have a rough outdoor touch, and become a belt penetrating the compartment wall. A few leisure factors have become a natural mood adjustment

the kitchen continues the sense of overall design, with retro kitchen utensils, adding a lot of rustic simplicity. The classic American lattice lines in the kitchen are painted with the light green grass of nature. The front bar not only integrates the functions of electrical cabinets, but also mosaic tiles make dining interesting. These bright colors inject lively personality into the space and light up the colorful rural life

the master bedroom also predicts the color theme in the bedroom, with a soft white atmosphere, and a sufficient storage space hidden in the straight-line shape of the head of the bed, which has both function and beauty




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