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This year is the auspicious traditional year of the dragon. Many young people choose to get married and have "dragon babies" this year. Therefore, it is quite necessary to leave a small space for children to move freely in the long run, whether it is a decorated wedding house or an improved house. This International Children's Day, let's pay attention to the common sense of children's room decoration, and install a safe and pleasant children's room for children

using all environmental protection materials may not be pollution-free

at present, parents have paid attention to the selection of materials when decorating children's rooms. However, it is not certain that decorating children's rooms with all environmental protection materials can meet the environmental protection requirements. Liu Jun, manager of Binzhou lebaijia environmental protection studio, said, "because children's rooms are generally small, if too many materials are used, it will cause the release of harmful substances from materials to increase. Therefore, when determining the decoration design scheme of children's rooms, we should pay attention to the space carrying capacity, indoor fresh air volume, and reserved pollution advance."

indoor fresh air volume refers to the total amount of air that does not enter from the air conditioning system, but from the doors and windows. Fresh air volume is an important standard to measure indoor air quality. Fresh air volume directly affects the air circulation and the degree of indoor air pollution. Only by grasping the indoor fresh air volume and ensuring indoor air governance can we create a good and healthy indoor environment

according to the national indoor air quality standard, the indoor fresh air volume should be no less than 30 cubic meters per person per hour. In the decoration of children's rooms, indoor fresh air fans and air conditioners with ventilation function must also be reasonably installed. Manager Liu said, "when purchasing children's furniture and other decorative supplies, it is also necessary to reserve a pollution 'advance' for the later decoration pollution.". Because indoor air pollution is the accumulation of various pollutants in the indoor air. If the decoration project is completed, the indoor harmful substances have been above or below the national standards. If you buy furniture and other decorative supplies, these items will also release harmful gases, which will cause the indoor pollutants to exceed the standard





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